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Hotel with Swimming Pool & Fitness Suite

Swimming Pool

Hotel with Swimming Pool

Whether you are escaping from a long day at work or returning from sightseeing in the city, put your mind at ease; relax and unwind in the luxurious 12 metre indoor swimming pool. Whatever the weather, be sure to take advantage of the heated pool that is just about right at any time of the day. Get a morning boost, surrounded by the natural light from the elevated ceilings centred above, helping you to regain energy to start your important day. On the other hand, the evening sets a tranquil atmosphere for a stress-free relaxation, so escape from the world and enjoy a more peaceful swim when the lights are dimmed. There are two access points to the swimming pool, both through the male or female changing rooms which are equipped with plenty of towels for you to use. A large shower room is available in each changing room for freshening up before and after your swim.

Personally Tailored Swimming Lessons With Swimming Nature

Clayton Crown Hotel guests can take advantage of award-winning bespoke tuition from Swimming Nature. Available for every level of ability, the one-off sessions are designed to teach effective techniques in any of the four strokes, improving confidence and enhancing performance. Built around individual needs, lessons are as beneficial to children and first-timers as they are to seasoned swimmers training for a triathlon. To find out more about the Swimming Nature approach, visit or call 03445 040506.


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