Adopted Animals from WWF

At Clayton Crown Hotel we are passionate about our corporate social responsibility and we care deeply about our environment. One of our environmental initiatives is geared towards caring for endangered animals or animals that currently need funding.

This is a route that people can sometimes forget about when thinking of the environment. It’s just as important to care about our wildlife and natural habitats with the ocean, skies, water, and wastage. As a result, we have adopted 3 animals who are in need of funding and care. We researched long and hard and collaborated with our General Manager on what we felt needed the most attention.

We have adopted a Turtle, a polar bear and a penguin and have named them accordingly as Tina Turtle, Pol-McCartney, and Pablo the Penguin.

Next time you are in  Clayton Crown Hotel, ask us about our 3 friends and we would love to tell you all about them!


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