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Wembley Stadium

England Vs Slovenia

In June 2018 Russia will be welcoming the next FIFA World Cup. The British team known better under the name “The Three Lions” is on the top 10 favourites to win the championship, however to win this World Cup they need to pass the qualification stages. In their qualifying group are present the Slovakian, Scottish, Slovenian, Maltese and the Lithuanian teams. Everything has started off well for them with their first game in Slovakia at beginning of last September where they won comfortably 1-0.

Their last home game for the qualifications will take place on the 5th October at Wembley Stadium. Let’s all encourage the team and get behind them, whether being at the stadium or at the Pub.

Football fans and supporters, Clayton Crown Hotel is the place to stay. Perfectly located from Wembley Stadium, only 20 minutes away by public transportation. The hotel will provide you all the 4-star service you will need from a modern room, indoor heated swimming pool and the perfect place to watch the game – The Crown Pub.


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