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King Suite In Cricklewood

King Suite

The King Suite offers a luxurious space for guests. As the pinnacle of comfort, the King Suite is the largest suite in the hotel and the only one of this type.

Landscape View

Situated on the top floor with a landscape view over the heart of Cricklewood, the room offers all the amenities and the extra touches found in the Junior Suites. This included a large separate seating area with a revolving TV on a library stand surrounded by plenty of bedroom lamps for a warm, cosy atmosphere. There is also plenty of storage space for luggage and shopping. Finally, there is also generous floor space to set up a child’s camp bed, on request, if a young person is travelling with you.

Elegant Bathroom

Designed with modern style and character, the bathroom is elegant and is truly a room of its own with two glass-tiled sink areas, two back-to-back vanity mirrors, a bathtub and shower in-one with customised luxury toiletries to add the final touch to your stay. It guarantees to put your mind at ease and allow you to relax, escaping from the daily routine or working lifestyle.

The King Suite stands out from the rest of the bedrooms and is a preferred choice for treating a loved one, celebrating special occasions or to simply step back from the busy city life.


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